- What is eMasters

What sets us apart

Inside our platform all matches and tournaments are fully automated.

What a brings, better experience for the user, reduces time to the event organizer and reduces cost to the sponsor. We do all the management and distribution of the prizes with high security for the user and low risk to the event organizer.

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Jogos suportados



Play tournaments based on your skill, no matter your skill, we have a tournament for you. Oh, and without Smurfs...

Our tournaments are 100% automated, do not waste more time having to manage several teams, matches and brackets. We do it for you!

Tournaments For Everyone

eMasters is the only company in the eSports market that guarantee the results of the matches without human checking and avoiding fraud. With a few clicks, you are able to play thousands of tournaments with real money prizes.

Imagine yourself playing your favorite game and making money. Forget RP tournaments and come with us.


Safe & Secure

Top of the edge technologies are already part of our system. We never keep your game login information, we have face recognition to validate that only one account is allowed, prohibiting Smurfs sccount´s. IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence is running to protect against cheating and misbehavior in games. Never play with a "troll" again


Smart contracts provide users with automated, low-fee transactions that provide a higher level of security than those that rely on standard localized databases. To reduce latency all smart contracts related to live trading will be created or written post-trade. As blockchain technology becomes faster, we will explore the option to write all trade data in real time inside a distributed ledger. Smart contracts will manage approval workflows between counterparties and calculate trading settlement amounts with a level of accuracy not found in standard database technology.



The easiest way to find players, teams, coaches, tournaments and to practice. One system for all your needs.

You can recruit new members, send notifications to all members, coordinate games and trainings, participate in championships and much more...


Now it's easy to receive tournament prizes. You can withdraw your prizes in cash or several other methods.

No bureaucracy, no long time to receive your money. You can withdraw with us whenever you want. There is no magic, we will only be 100% transparency on our process and lead time.


Download the application and start playing, improving and making money